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Play Scratch-it for FREE and win huge prizes, no account needed, and anyone can do it. Withdraw your winnings in bitcoin. Cashout at any time, instant payout, no strings attached. Always cash out when you're done playing!*
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Scratch away the protective layer to reveal nine amounts.


To scratch, press and hold mouse button while moving the cursor over the area you would like to scratch, or if your device has a touch screen, by using your finger.


Three identical amounts You win that amount in credits.

Claiming your win

  1. Scratch away the protective layer from the input box below the scratch card.
  2. Enter the winning amount
  3. Submit

Free Scratch Tickets

Earn a free ticket by grabbing the golden ticket.
*You can only hold one ticket at a time.

Buying Scratch Tickets

Buy a scratch ticket* for 30 credits (menu option).
*You can only hold one ticket at a time.

Cashing Out

You can easily cash out at any time (menu option). Just type in your bitcoin address, click the submit button, and you're done. The amount is instantly transferred to your wallet (1 satoshi = 1/100000000'th of a bitcoin).

Bitcoin Wallet

You need a bitcoin wallet at to withdraw your winnings.
Besides being a community, Faucethub also works as a micro wallet for a number of different cryptocurrencies. It is 100% free to join! A micro wallet is really useful when you transact in small amounts, since the transaction fees for sending your winnings to a regular bitcoin address would be prohibitively high. This way you can cash out at any time without having to worry about fees.

Prize List

Price list for 2 000 000 tickets.

wins     Amount
1 2765000
1 1000000
6 265000
1 200000
2 100000
3 50000
8 20000
46 10000
30 5000
15 2500
50 2000
80 1500
160 1000
60 900
50 750
200 600
200 500
125 450
930 300
1200 180
3760 150
7200 120
26000 90
200353 60
208519 30
Current exchange rate: 19 satoshi / 100 credits.